2015 Events



2015 Xmas Party

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2015 Toy Run

IMG_2481 IMG_2474 IMG_2471 IMG_2466 IMG_2465 IMG_2463 IMG_2406 IMG_2402 IMG_2410 IMG_2449 IMG_2454 IMG_2461 IMG_2403 IMG_2404 IMG_2404

Coolac Lunch

DSCF4332 DSCF4331 DSCF4330 DSCF4329 DSCF4328 DSCF4327 DSCF4326 DSCF4325 DSCF4324 DSCF4323 DSCF4322 DSCF4321 DSCF4340 DSCF4339 DSCF4337 DSCF4336 DSCF4335 DSCF4334 DSCF4333 DSCF4320


2015 NSW-ACT State Rally

IMG_2282 IMG_2310 IMG_2294 IMG_2288 - Copy IMG_2287 IMG_2286 - Copy IMG_2293 IMG_2289 IMG_2292 IMG_2290 IMG_2306 IMG_2487 IMG_2296 IMG_2485 IMG_2478 IMG_2475 IMG_2478 IMG_2300 IMG_2296 IMG_2301 IMG_2284IMG_2311

2015 Toy Run Launch

IMG_2256 IMG_2248 IMG_2236 IMG_2235 IMG_2234 IMG_2231 IMG_2230 IMG_2229

2015 QLD State Rally

IMG_2451 IMG_2141 IMG_2118 IMG_2122 IMG_2125 IMG_2136 IMG_2123 IMG_2126 IMG_2386 IMG_2372 IMG_2398 IMG_2401 IMG_2371



20150905SausageSizzle Ride

Short rife after Saturday Sausage Sizzle. The weather is improving.

2015 A.G.M.

         IMG_2453 Regional Director David Poyser IMG_2452 IMG_2454 IMG_2455 IMG_2456IMG_2451 the winners wagga HOG Banner2 DJ IMG_1954 IMG_1955 IMG_1982 IMG_1999 IMG_2001 IMG_2002 IMG_2014 IMG_2441 IMG_2444 IMG_2445 IMG_2446 IMG_2447 IMG_2449 IMG_2435 IMG_2436 IMG_2440 IMG_2458 IMG_2460 IMG_2461 IMG_2462 IMG_2465 IMG_2476 IMG_2477 IMG_2478 IMG_2480 IMG_2481 IMG_2482 IMG_2469 - Copy IMG_2471 - Copy IMG_2472 - Copy IMG_2473 - Copy IMG_2475 - Copy IMG_2510 IMG_2484 IMG_2485 IMG_2486 IMG_2487 IMG_2488 IMG_2489 IMG_2490 IMG_2492 IMG_2494 IMG_2495 IMG_2496 IMG_2497 IMG_2498 IMG_2499 IMG_2500 IMG_2501 IMG_2503 IMG_2504 IMG_2505 IMG_2509

Ride and Dinner with Canberra H.O.G.

20150725_145039 20150725_201004 20150725_203035 20150725_203903

 LOH Ride

IMG_2350 IMG_2352 IMG_2351 IMG_2357 IMG_2354 IMG_2355 IMG_2359 IMG_2360 IMG_2361 IMG_2362 IMG_2363 IMG_2364 IMG_2365 IMG_2367 IMG_2368 IMG_2369 IMG_2372 IMG_2373 IMG_2374 IMG_2376 IMG_2377 IMG_2378 IMG_2379 IMG_2381 IMG_2382 IMG_2384 IMG_2385 IMG_2387 IMG_1883 IMG_2430 IMG_2429 IMG_2428 IMG_2427 IMG_2426 IMG_2425 IMG_2424 IMG_2422 IMG_2421 IMG_2420 IMG_2419 IMG_2413 IMG_2412 IMG_2411 IMG_2410 IMG_2409 IMG_2405 IMG_2402 IMG_2401 IMG_2400 IMG_2399 IMG_2394 IMG_2393 IMG_2392 IMG_2390 IMG_2388

Directors Mystery Ride

IMG_4904 IMG_4903 IMG_4902 IMG_4901 IMG_4900 IMG_4899 IMG_4897 IMG_4896 IMG_4895 IMG_4894 IMG_4892 IMG_4891 IMG_4890 IMG_4889 IMG_4888 IMG_4953 IMG_4951 IMG_4939 IMG_4932 IMG_4929 IMG_4928 IMG_4926 IMG_4925 IMG_4922 IMG_4920 IMG_4918 IMG_4917 IMG_4916 IMG_4915 IMG_4914 IMG_4913 IMG_4912 IMG_4909 IMG_4908 IMG_4907 IMG_4906 IMG_4905


March Friday Night to Junee

March Friday Night to Junee

More from Tamworth

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24th Australian National H.O.G. Rally

tamworth1 tamworth11 tamworth

The Winner is !!

LOH Winner Tamworth National Rally Megans Woody

Best LOH Bike awarded to Megan O’Rourke

 Tamworth Thunder Run

tr16 tr15 tr13 tr12 tr11


13 Km from Quirindi !

tr9 tr8 tr7 tr6 tr5 tr4 tr3 tr2 tr1

Iron Horse Muster


It’s a First

tamworth14 tamworth13 tamworth12 tamworth8 tamworth7 tamworth6 tamworth5 tamworth4 Tamworth2

Tamworth Guided Rides

 gr10 gr9 gr8 gr7 gr6 gr5 gr4 gr3 gr2 gr1

Brighter Days


Enjoying the atmosphere (and alcohol) at Bright


Dawn Raider Ride

night ride 1 night ride 2 Canberra 08 Feb 2015 Canberra Old Parliament House 08 Feb 2015

First Friday Night Ride to Coolamon 2015

IMG_2037 IMG_2042 IMG_2045 IMG_2046 IMG_2047 IMG_2048 IMG_2051 IMG_2052


The Latest in Riding Gear !!!!




IMG_2059 IMG_2060 IMG_2061 IMG_2062 IMG_2064


And the Winner IS ?????


Nice Hat !!!



Nothing Wrong With the Left Hand !!







IMG_2080 IMG_2078