Following the establishment of a new Harley Dealership in Wagga Wagga, an interested group of Harley riders pursued the formation of a HOG chapter sponsored by the local dealer. The chapter formed on the 1st July 1999 and held their first ride on the 4th July 1999. The first Chapter meeting was held on the 8th July 1999 at the close of business at the meeting on the 27th July there were 16 financial members of the chapter.

Notification of Charter – August  1999                      Chapter number – 9841.

Of the three names proposed to HOG international, Wagga Wagga Chapter was selected.

The forming Chapter closed off its books to Charter members on the 24th of August 1999. 34 members of HOG international formed the listed charter members of the new chapter.

In 2004 the dealer relocated to Albury and in a concerted effort to ensure the continuation of the chapter the executive made a presentation to HOG Australia and HOG International in Brisbane. The chapter survived and today is one of a very few remotely sponsored chapters.

A copy of the resolution by HOG to support Phil’s Garage to sponsor two chapters is to be found at the following:

Chapter Continuance 1

Chapter Continuance 2

Ride and have fun.